Solutions for Vacation Owners

Vacation Ownership

When you are a Vacation Owner, TSS Travel Options enhances the exchange flexibility of Vacation Ownership with convenience and affordability.

Vacation owners access highly discounted travel products and receive reward credits for their vacation ownership redeemable on all TSS Travel Options.

Solutions for Owners

  • V.O.I.C.E.
  • Free Exchanges
  • Marketplace
  • Trade-In Solution

Vacation Ownership Managing Solutions


Vacation Ownership Interval Compensation Exchange
Vacation Owners will be able to deposit to TSS TO their interval and get in exchange travel credits redeemable on all travel options on the travel portal

Free Exchange

Exchange the week you have for the week you want
Deposit your week up to 60 days prior to the arrival date and get Exchange Credits valid for 5 years to have access to the members' exclusive inventory at no additional cost.


Rent your Week for Cash
Use the visibility of the Portal to advertise your week for rent. List your property and receive offers from other members. Negotiate your price and get a cheque minus 10% for the rental fee. We manage the rental, you get the cash. As simple as that.


Trade-In your Program for Another
Are you looking for something specific but you wish you could trade the program you own for another one? We can help. Some of our clients wish to trade their program for yours.

Our specialists will be able to provide you with all the background information about any of the possible solutions we may be able to offer.